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Cost-effective. Time-efficient. Tailored.

Proquest Research specialise in bespoke market research projects. Due to our set up, we can provide cost-effective, time-efficient market research tailored to both your business needs and budget.

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Proquest Research and its team have a wealth of experience which will help you to design a suitable market research project that meets both your objectives and budget.  Because we are small we can be flexible and cost-effective. Depending on the type of project, we either work independently or with a small network of freelance researchers, who we have built up a working relationship with over the years. On each project, you will have a senior person actively involved from start to finish, ensuring you receive a high level of service and a strong quality output.

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We can do both qualitative and quantitative projects, leveraging a full range of research techniques, in-person and online.

Examples of some recent projects using different methodologies:

Qualitative (focus group) projects: skin care products, dating apps, ice cream, local authority, not-for profit organisations, Over-The-Counter (OTC) and prescription medications, household goods.

Qualitative (depth interview) projects: medical devices, chronic illness patients, mental illness, physicians, nurses, dentists, cosmetics, car magazine readers, car event attendees.

Quantitative projects: brand tracking, usage and awareness, postal survey with patients (and their carers), employee feedback, online survey with museum employees, creative development evaluation.

In addition to bespoke market research projects and project management, we can help out with discrete tasks, such as moderation and report writing.


Moderation training: depth interviews for beginners, focus groups for beginners, refresher course or a course tailored to you/your organisation's needs.

Team management training (for market researchers just starting to manage a team); courses include: team management, delegation and motivation, or a course tailored to your needs.

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Gunther Meert has been working in the market research industry for over 20 years, having previously worked at three market research agencies, both on UK and multi-country studies. Experienced in both qualitative and quantitative market research, across many industries, including FMCG, events, publishing, digital, not-for-profit, government organisations and healthcare/pharmaceutical. A member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Independent Consultants Group (ICG).

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We work with many trusted suppliers, details of which can be provided on commissioning or at proposal stage.

For the UK among them, we can partner with Rummings Research (Emma Kerridge) for key moderation and analysis needs. Emma Kerridge is an experienced qualitative consultant benefiting from nearly 20 years dedicated to qualitative pharmaceutical research. BHBIA and MRS certified. She is an expert moderator across all respondent types including KOLs, specialists, and patients.

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and see what we can do for you.


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I have worked with Gunther for the last 2 years and always found him to be very approachable, friendly and helpful. He demonstrates efficiency and professionalism in the work he produces for me and responds promptly to my requests. He is pro-active during a project and is quick to make suggestions if he feels it would be of benefit. He is open, honest and has a trusted network of colleagues that he will reach out to, when required, for different opinions and advice.


I greatly enjoyed working with Gunther as my manager. We worked closely on a project for 3 months where Gunther explained the objectives of the project and my responsibilities very clearly. He facilitated an atmosphere of collaboration as he ensured communication channels between us were kept open, often providing objective and valuable feedback. He conducted brainstorming sessions, teaching me to think more creatively when mapping the story of our research, and encouraging me to propose ideas. What I also appreciated were the opportunities and responsibilities Gunther entrusted me with, and how he always provided support when needed. Gunther is a pleasure to work for. He is positive, open, patient, knowledgeable about market research and a fantastic mentor. I hope to work with him again one day.

Former colleague

I've worked with Gunther in both an agency and freelance capacity and he has always approached his work with diligence and care, maintaining a cheerful disposition that proved invaluable in our busiest times. In our time as colleagues he was able to give myself and other junior team members room to grow and learn while providing the guidance we needed - always ensuring we were keeping our clients' needs and objectives at the forefront. As a freelancer I know I can trust his seasoned analytical and interpretative skills, and open communication with clearly agreed expectations and he has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions

Former colleague and client

I have worked with Gunther on a number of market research projects and I strongly recommend him for his deep understanding of the pharma market, excellent project management and confident presentation skills. Great person towork with as well!!

Client, pharma company

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I worked with Gunther for over 5 years... across both qualitative and quantitative projects. During the time we worked together I learnt a lot from him in terms of interrogating and analysing data and producing professional, client ready reports. His enthusiasm for the job and ability to deal with any difficulties calmly and with humour always made working with him a pleasure

Former colleague

I was managed by Gunther for two years... This was my first time working in a professional environment and I’m grateful to Gunther for making me feel so welcome and for clearly clarifying my roles and responsibilities within the company. He’s very approachable and I feel as though his leadership style has benefitted my personal development as I always felt supported and motivated when working as part of his team.

Former colleague

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